I wait for You, my Savior


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I just wanna share this little poem I made today...

I wait for You, my Savior,
in a restless world
swimming in a pool of lies.
My soul has grown weary
of evil upon evil
and pain wrought by evil.
And so I look up and wait,
I wait for You, my Savior,
the hope of all mankind.
I wait for you, Sweet Jesus,
the fountain of life.
May times of refreshing
that your coming brings
fall upon us.


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Today, I had one of my most surreal moments in life. I was just strumming my guitar when suddenly a song flowed in me. I labored for about two hours, taking the poem I made about two weeks ago as inspiration. I feel the chorus is kinda weak, but here it is. Let me know what you think. To God be the glory!

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Oh Hidden, how precious & full of hope, trust, love. This brings your poem to life and is a tender praise, wow.

Above all, I love best the Lord's still small voice; unless I have too much 'noise' in my life & then wrestle with taking time for my Bible.

It's from that simple trust that quiet honest worship surfaces from a deep place. Listening to your song led me there. Thank you :hug