I struggle with SSA, how can I grow closer to God?


Withstand in the evil day. Eph 6:13
I have a question for you and my fellow brothers and sisters, is it possible for God to take away this confusion that lies within my heart? I truly do want to get married with a woman that I can call my own.
I believe so. Our sinful tendencies (everyone has different combinations), are sometimes used as a test/catalyst in our lives by God. It is hard to say what the Lord is trying test you on or help you grow in. Only the Lord really knows, and you have to discover it. My advice would be to seek that out. Prayer, fasting, fellowship, listen to sermons/worship, read the bible. This is a good place to start. Don't give up, always strive to get back on the horse asap. God bless.


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Prayer, praise and Bible reading are all good things; but they do not produce the victory in your life. That comes from Christ alone; and it has already been won. The issue is it being realized in your own life. And that is the product of Christ becoming more and more dominant in you, not of you becoming stronger and stronger. Jesus Christ HAS already won the victory for you and as you draw closer to Him, bit by bit, through prayer and the study of His precious Word, the Holy Spirit WILL produce the fruit of that victory in your life.
This is truly great advice.

How I wish I had exposure to good Christian teaching twenty years ago. Anyway, I just want to encourage you brother @Neonap by saying that Christ changes people very radically. Sometimes it takes time, but He changes us. In my own life I have desire for Christ Himself above anything else. I'm shocked by that! I have (or had) desires for many things, and I only looked to Christ for salvation and as a supplier of things, so for me now to see Christ as my number 1, to want Him alone more than anything is quite shocking (in a really good way!). And at the same time many desires that I used to have for sinful things are gone, there isn't even a trace of them left! It is quite remarkable how God can entirely remove things from our lives. Be encouraged, brother, and don't be discouraged when temptations recur.

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@Neonap there is already some great advice above and I won't attempt to add much, other than to pick up on one comment you made: "But that dream was crushed and it honestly isn't easy to deal with at times". I don't know exactly what to mean by this, and I don't need to know. However, if this relates to a specific situation, or a previous (failed?) relationship, please consider the ongoing the 'cost' of relationships (including failed relationships).

Many, if not most, in our society have no understanding of the significance of the "one flesh" aspect of relationships: It is a physical and spiritually binding 'contract'. I could easily be on the wrong track, but if this speaks to your situation, bring it before the Lord. Repent and forgive! Forgive yourself. Forgive the person(s) who hurt (rejected?) you. And let it go. Leave it at the foot of the cross! I am aware of situations where a persons 'orientation' in life can be heavily skewed by past trauma.

Note also: (you probably know this, but for the sake of clarity) Forgiving is not the same as forgetting. Forgiveness (self and others) is a decision. Forgetting, on the other hand, can be a slow painful process of healing, if it ever happens at all, this side of eternity.

I pray the Lord brings healing, in you life, in relation to this situation.

God Bless you.