I have a terrible time talking to women.

Discussion in 'For the Gentlemen' started by Jesus_Freak17, May 15, 2014.

  1. Noah Cotterill

    Noah Cotterill Well-Known Member

    Right on with cutting out the porn. Frankly, biologically you'll have more drive to talk with women because of the need to procreate since you're not "getting any." I find it difficult talking to people. The only advice I would have is try not thinking about having to be social or it's an issue. Visualize it being easy. You're a man. Go (I mean literally) beat your chest, axe some wood, what-have-you, to get yourself pumped and feeling a bit more manly. I do this when I need some adrenaline to do something (or to calm down and focus my energy elsewhere).
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  2. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    I find lifting weights does wonders for the self esteem. Also spending too much time obsessing over something out of fear just makes it worse.
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  3. Jesus_Freak17

    Jesus_Freak17 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the replies, gents. I still AM struggling, but I've come to realize it is 100% from porn and what goes with it.

    I managed to abstain for 30 days, and by that time I felt so ALIVE like I havent felt in years. Its truly crazy how one changes when they are saving their sexual energy instead of expending it everyday.

    This may seem like psuedo science, but... At that 30 day mark, not only could I talk to women, and men, easily, but as I walked around my local mall girls were going out of their way to talk to me which has NEVER happened before. Could they subconsciously tell that I was sexually "charged" or something? Even my friend noticed he was like bro you're getting the attention of every girl here, thats not normal.

    Anyway.... Purity for the win. Flee sexual immorality. It destroys what makes us men.
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  4. Ducati

    Ducati Well-Known Member

    Matthew 6:33 (KJV)
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  5. ramblingvanman

    ramblingvanman Well-Known Member

    Women are just people. Sure, they think differently about many things than we men do, but we all have much in common. I find it very easy to strike up conversation with almost anyone male or female, any race and most religious affiliations. If you love people, talking to them is easy.
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  6. mchro73

    mchro73 Well-Known Member

    I used to have a HUGE problem talking to the pretty girls. But after years of body chemical changes, attitude, life changes, two divorces, 3 wives, I am no longer afraid to talk to anyone.

    Except to clowns. I will not talk to clowns. :pink
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  7. 63ProStreet

    63ProStreet Well-Known Member

    Haaahaaa! Thats funny! Yeah after all you have gone through relationship wise,:eek2 what could you possibly be afraid of?:rolleyes2:ahaha
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  8. Soandso

    Soandso Member

    I just wanted to pile on what Matt said. The whole porn thing might be a sign of something. Is your relationship with your mom a healthy one? Is the relationship between your parents healthy? Does your dad have a healthy attitude toward women? We can't do much with bad information. It leads us to do very bad things. Watch the married couples in your church interact. The healthy ones you will easily identify because they will show each other respect. Porn only causes us to devalue and disrespect women. Start by holding the door open for them. And if you want the best wife for you work really hard and becoming the best husband a woman would want. You will reap what you sew.
  9. bap

    bap Well-Known Member

    at least this video was funny
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  10. Soandso

    Soandso Member

    And remember one other thing. Pretty girls poop too.
  11. Mine evacuates, real lady like.
  12. It is good to cut that other stuff out, it can only help. The Lord has someone out there for you, He did for me.

    There is always the opposite problem, talking with pretty women real easily. When or if you marry, thats a different adjustment.

    I can't say I know what to talk about around pretty women. So I let them talk. Its usually a short conversation. The more I can relate, the more trouble can arise. Just some thoughts from a different side.
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  13. Jonathan

    Jonathan Well-Known Member

    This is over three years old, so sorry for the late response, but every time I think I might have been successful in spreading the Gospel was from a passive point. The topic of religion, and then, specifically, Christianity would come up, and then I would share what I believed Christ meant, what he did, etc.

    I didn't initiate the issue, but was there to witness when the issue came up.
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  14. Goodboy

    Goodboy Well-Known Member

    Wow this is an old post with some good advice, but I will add my two cents. As a Christian trying to either get someone saved or just meet another Christian this is what I use as a conversation starter. "Morning... how is life treating you?" If they say good or great I may say "Wow.. that's great what is your secret?" If they say not good or bad I may say "Oh what's going on?" Now it may be time to listen, but if they don't say anything I will start talking about how bad the world is getting and the hope we have in Jesus, meaning I will start sharing the gospel.

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