I blew it. How to do better?

Brother Albert R.

Jesus loved us and said we should Love our enemies
Sorry, I should have updated y'all. They did come back. But instead of two younger women, one younger woman showed up with a much older man (clearly an elder.) I took control of the conversation from the beginning, forcing them to deal from Scripture and not from their printed materials. They tried to argue against the Word of God for an hour. And then they expressed that they were confused because they could not answer the questions I posed from Scripture: as you know, brother, Scripture contradicts their own statements and interpretations of the Word. I even allowed them to use their own NWT and it still contradicted them! Not in the obvious places (eg: John 1:1) of course, since the Watchtower Society altered God's Word to support their own views; but God's Word is so divinely interwoven that it is impossible to change it all, and I was able to use the deeper things of Scripture to confound their views. The man kept trying to find points in his printed material with which to argue with me, but the younger woman seemed to be genuinely taken by the Scriptures I was offering. After an hour the elder said that they had to leave but that he wanted to come back and continue the discussion. I extended the invitation and he said he would be in touch. That was 3 weeks ago and that's the last I heard from him.
That is beautiful Adrian, you handled that with grace and wisdom. Hopefully they do come back.
God bless you as you continue to share Gods' message to those He brings your way.
Brother Albert


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God bless you, Albert, for your willingness to engage with that Mormon. And being prepared as well. Many people attempt to engage other faiths, but do so without truly understanding a) the other faith, and b) more importantly, their own faith.