I asked GOD a question "How could man be so wrong & God be so right, that the Book of Revelations had to be written?"


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This is a potent thought that caused me to lean heavenly upon the Living Word. As I searched diligently the scriptures, wisdom began to be found in my search for understanding. This question has far more reality now than ever before as the answer lies fully in the demonstration of God's righteousness. I am well aware of Christ return which will prove his diety and certify neither is the Bible a book of myths which many think. When the book was written in 95 AD on the isle of Patmos, the Church was in its infancy. God foreknew that man,in his sinful nature waiting even 2000 years later into the future despite their diversity and their inventions and ever present conflicts would be his own worst enemy. Man has reached a kind of self destructive nature by his mismanagement of the knowledge of good and evil thanks to our godless mindset. God's grace continues but we may indeed push that button negating his grace due to pride and lack of love as society fall apart with a raptured church all but a memory to those left behind.
How does God perform righteously in the midst of so many people left behind? This book declares missed opportunity and/or a grace not chosen by faith in Christ who offers salvation. God's Grace has always been among us to some degree. It was given to Adam who did not die in a day but lived to 939 years . However let us remember a 1000 years is as a day unto the Lord. His word is still true as a result. Cain who begged for his life was given grace. Grace was in operation despite Israel sins but mankind didn't recognize it as such. It took the cross and a man name Jesus to be publicly humiliated to the point of death. Fulfilling the law perfectly that he had to take on our sins in order to die. So God could demonstrate life after death. His power to Resurrect from the grave. Here we are 2000 years later and our recognition of His grace seems misinterpreted or falling away into a form of wasted opportunity among men.
Romans CH 11,often called the Olive Tree Parable. Is actually an illustration that ends up being a covenant which is much stronger than a parable and is clearly written by God. This remarkable chapter has a tone of discipline to Gentiles, christian and non christian and yet declares an act of redemption for Israel due to the worlds disbelief in their reality but will provoke a national revival to reconsider Jesus. Here's the point, this reality is already happening in our moment since 1948 which was the year of Israel rebirth.
Satan is creating doubt on every corner in the streets of the world with his infamous pattern of "did God really say" By asking the above question I feel I got a very dark yet deep and fair and righteous understanding. The Jews had their test now its the Gentiles times to be tested. In Revelation Ch 3:10 "Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of testing (or trial) which shall come upon the whole world to test those who dwell on the earth."
In other words, the opportunity for salvation in Christ exist for both Jew and gentile.....Still. However, after the Rapture the prophetic view or vision has it's clarity in the Jew, Gentile classification for the purpose of Israel's redemption and Romans Ch 11 does in fact answer many questions about what's happening among us in preparation of Christ return. What is not to be missed in all of this, is we see God's word proving His truths as alive and well and that He knows the gentile error and faults just like He knew The Jews in their error against Christ. The Battle of Armageddon will be a reality in return for denying His grace! The HolySpirit final answer to me "In All Fairness......Such is the Lord's Righteousness. First the Jew... Now the Gentiles"aka equal opportunity. Let us Pray. What a mighty God we serve!