Hurricane Hilary now major hurricane with ‘significant’ impacts expected in California, Southwest

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I remember as a kid, a 6.5 quake hit in the LA area, at the same time my mom would wake me up for school. I thought it was her shaking my bed. A 5.1 would not of even woke me up….

When I was a kid there was a 7.0 or so in our area. My dad was shaving in the bathroom which was right off of our bedroom which was converted from a garage for all the boys to sleep in. I remember watching the house sway. I wasn't knowledgeable enough to be concerned. The only damage that occurred in the whole town was to a couple of old commercial buildings that were made of brick and so old that they weren't built to the codes pertaining to earthquakes, and even then just a few bricks ended up falling.


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I live in Yucaipa (near Oak Glen in San Bernardino County where therebwere evacuation orders in place), I'd say it fell well short of what the media billed it to be (thankfully) at least where I lived. There was a pretty spectacular 10 minutes but otherwise, just a storm with some wind. A few down trees, but nothing major that I saw.

I did notice how the media reports leading up to the day were flat out telling people they had to stay home all day yesterday. It kind of seemed like an introductory "climate emergency restriction" declaration. Also the local grocery store was cleaned out and low on food (especially in the meat dept) for the expected 1 day storm.. wild. Fear is big business $$, looked like Costco got earned out to on water and other items.


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We had some pretty heavy rain and VERY gusty winds throughout most of the night, but even so, I was surprised to see even the rose
blossoms still on our bushes when it all died down. All is well and it is sunny and beautiful here today..........not even any lingering rain
this morning, as they predicted. Thank you, Lord, for your protection.............

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Im sure there was some damage somewhere, so I pray for those who have suffered any damage.

My wife's best friend lives in the San Diego area, and she called my wife this morning all excited, stressed, and breathing hard when she relayed the bad news - She woke up this morning and found one leaf in her pool.o_O


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Leaves are already all over the ground at our place. Autumn is coming early here.

I saw that the storm strength really did reduce before landfall, thankfully, but that it is doing enough damage as is. It reminded me of desert-style flash flooding. And an earthquake on top would certainly stress me out even if damage was minimal. I still think the media does a disservice by predicting "end of the world" type of stuff with everything. But ratings matter...