Hurricane Hilary now major hurricane with ‘significant’ impacts expected in California, Southwest


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Hurricane Hilary now major hurricane with ‘significant’ impacts expected in California, Southwest
Heavy rain associated with Hurricane Hilary is also expected to impact California and the Southwest starting Friday and lasting through early next week, with peak impacts expected on Sunday and Monday.
By Steven Yablonski

FOX Weather is tracking powerful Hurricane Hilary as it churns towards California. The latest forecast shows impressive rain totals that could break records. Hurricane Hilary continued to rapidly intensify Thursday and has strengthened into a Category 3 storm, and forecasters said that the hurricane's path means the storm could bring "significant" impacts to Southern California and the Southwest by the end of the week and into the first part of next week. According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), rapid intensification occurs when a tropical cyclone's maximum sustained winds increase by at least 35 mph in a 24-hour period.



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Figures it's Hilary. Hillary is already devastating this nation so they had to tweak the name.
I was surprised they named it Hilary at all, regardless of spelling. Let the memes commence, I suppose.

The media tends to hype things up a lot so even with it being a cat 4 now I am hoping it misses populated areas and does minimal damage or the wind changes direction. It's good to be prepared but the media makes everything sound apocalyptic now so it's hard to know when to be truly alarmed. I am not in the States but I don't recall hearing much news of massive hurricanes on the west coast in the past.


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I had to read up on this because I couldn't recall a hurricane hitting California....they haven't had one since 1858 but have had a few tropical storms.

The cooler waters make the hurricanes lose strength.
Praying for safety
:pray Praying :pray We get hurricanes all the time in Florida so we know what to do but Californians won't have a clue. The liberals are always saying how wonderful Gavin Newsom is so he might be put to the test. The governor should be ordering a state of emergency as we speak and providing non stop information and guidance. A Cat 4 hurricane is no joke and the wind speed will be 130-156 mph sustained winds.

My husband and I stayed in our house during Hurricane Irma and the winds were Cat 1 but we had gusts of winds up to 115 mph. We got in our bedroom closet because they were reporting Tornados in the area. I was very frightened because we live on a barrier island in Florida only a few blocks from the beach. We would have evacuated but the storm kept changing paths.

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I have a brother who lives in Chula Vista, which is in the suspected path of the hurricane. He says it's been a hundred years since California has seen a hurricane and right now they're expecting this one to hit the area as a tropical storm. His and a lot of SoCal homes have the clay roofs which can be quite expensive and I'm guessing probably don't do to well in a heavy wind. :pray


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Most of our neighbors have the rounded clay tile roofs.............. praise the Lord, our house was built with flat slate tiles, which
I believe will weather the winds much better. It is amazing the way our God protects us in so many myriad ways that we don't
even think of until a crisis arrives.

The wind is picking up a little already this morning............ it will be interesting to see how much rain and wind we actually get here.
It's almost always less than any of the info we get. We've gotten groceries in, battened down the hatches in the back yard, hosed
the dirt that accumulates in our gutters over time so the rain fall-off will not get blocked. That's about all we can do besides pray that
it won't be too bad. It's in God's hands now and we feel peace.


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The rain began (outer fringes of the storm) around 3am today. Altho it was heavy at times, there have been no heavy winds
as of now. The center of the storm should arrive in an hour or so...........but, we are not expecting too much excitement here.
Our friends out in Indio are having heavier rains and winds. I haven't watched the news on tv, so don't know what is going on
up in the mountains, nor the flooding info. Will go check online now. (We've been binging the Lincoln Lawyer on streaming today).

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On the street where I grew up some of the residential intersections would flood because the drain system didn't seem to work. It wouldn't take too much rain for that to occur. Made it tough for kids to get to school with dry shoes.

I'm guessing that areas with poor drainage may suffer while for most part the storm won't be a big deal. Hopefully California stores a little bit of this gift they're receiving. It would be good too if Lake Meade were to fill up.

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It was a 5.1 earthquake in the region of Ojai which is inland of Ventura and Santa Barbara. SoCal buildings should easily handle a quake of that magnitude.

ETA: looks like Andy C beat me to the same conclusion.
I remember as a kid, a 6.5 quake hit in the LA area, at the same time my mom would wake me up for school. I thought it was her shaking my bed. A 5.1 would not of even woke me up….