Hunter Biden Allies Talking About Creating A Legal Defense Fund


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These are the emotions I experienced, in order, when I read the headline of this story o_O :confused2 :gaah :frust :explode The truth is it wouldn't surprise me if the Demonrats aren't going to try to find some way for the American taxpayers to foot his legal bills. While I do pray that Hunter, Joe, and the rest of the Biden Crime family get saved, they all deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison for the crimes they have committed against this country and its citizens. Hunter, Joe, and all of them personally profited by making millions of dollars off of Joe using his political offices to sell favors to our enemies ~ China, Russia, Ukraine, and who knows what other countries. And Hunter is still selling his spit paintings to Russian Oligarchs and pocketing $500,000 a piece for them. He also somehow had enough money to pay $50,000 a month in rent to Joe, it's unclear yet if it was for the DE house or a D.C. office, and when he was claiming he was broke and couldn't afford to pay child support for his daughter, he owned and lived in a $2.5 million house in Beverly Hills, CA. But his "allies" believe other people should be paying his legal defense bills and are thinking about starting a fund to pay those fees. Gee, maybe he should have saved some of the money he was wasting on prostitutes and drugs. The really sad thing is that he, nor his dad, will ever spend one minute in prison where they belong, and he'll get a little slap on the wrist for some tax violation that the Gestapo-FBI will come up with so they can say they did do an investigation into the Bidens.