Hungary FM vowed to oppose all anti-Israel UN, EU actions on Gaza


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Hungary FM vowed to oppose all anti-Israel UN, EU actions on Gaza
"Hungary will continue to stand by Israel and will protest on any international stage against biased decisions that ignore attacks by terrorist organizations."
JUNE 1, 2021

Hungary promised to oppose all anti-Israel steps taken by the United Nations and the European Union, particularly those that fail to designate Hamas as a terrorist group, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said Tuesday. “I would like to make it very clear here,” he said during a solidarity trip in Israel. “Hungary will continue to veto all those statements and resolutions which would be biased, unbalanced and which would not clearly recognize the fact that Israel was attacked by a terrorist organization, by Hamas, and which would not make it very clear that Israel has a right to protect herself.”

Szijjártó spoke as he visited a Petah Tikva home that had been destroyed by a Hamas rocket during the 11-day Gaza war, which ended on May 21. Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi went with him to the site, and the two men gave brief statements to the press outside the home. Anti-Israel bias prevented many in the international community from acknowledging that Hamas was a terrorist group, Szijjártó said. It was unfortunate that there were those who, in some cases, equated Israel and Hamas, he said.



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Wasn't it the Hungarian King that rode out of his Castle grounds wearing the Star Of David on his shoulder, when the nazi's invaded back in WWII?...