Hundreds of Thousands of Canadians Without Power As Christmas Storm Rages

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Hundreds of thousands of Canadians saw power outages due to the Christmas storm engulfing large parts of the country as railway and airlines cancel services.

Power outages caused by freezing temperatures and high winds affected hundreds of thousands of people across many of Canada’s provinces Saturday morning, including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and the eastern Maritimes.

Around 82,000 people in Ontario went without power on Saturday morning, largely in the eastern and southern areas as well as in the north of the province. Ontario’s main power company Hydro One explained it was difficult for crews to repair any damages due to the winter storm conditions, broadcaster CBC reports

In Quebec, around 307,000 people faced power outages, largely centred around the Quebec city area and Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean......

:pray ing for those in Canada and America affected by this storm.



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I believe power has been restored to the area. I am hearing that 28 people died but I think many of those were south of the border. It's a higher death toll than the infamous "blizzard of 77" I heard about from my parents growing up. My mom told us how she had to drive home from school in that storm. They couldn't see a thing and her friend kept asking to pull to the side of the road like many of the other cars were doing but my mom refused. Those cars were all buried and had to wait for rescue.

It's a reminder that I need to make sure we have our car packed for such emergencies. I've been negligent. I should make sure we have a blanket or two, some water bottles and snacks. Maybe a shovel.