Hundreds of Palestinians clash with police by Damascus Gate, 3 arrested


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Hundreds of Palestinians clash with police by Damascus Gate, 3 arrested
Police use water cannons, mounted police to try disperse crowd; clashes enter 5th day with Palestinians angry over restrictions in traditional Ramadan gathering space
By Aaron Boxerman

Hundreds of Palestinians clashed with Israeli police by the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday night during protests against Israeli restrictions in the area, leading to three arrests. Israel Police deployed water cannons, stun grenades and mounted officers fanned out across the area in an attempt to disperse the crowd. Three Palestinians were arrested, with Israel Police accusing them of attacking officers on the scene.

According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, four Palestinians were wounded during the clashes and received medical treatment. Police claimed on Sunday night that Palestinians hurled stones at officers. A reporter on the scene for the Israeli daily Haaretz disputed the account, attesting that no stones were thrown and that “most protesters remained nonviolent.” Nightly clashes between Palestinians and police have broken out close to Damascus Gate since the beginning of the Ramadan holiday last Tuesday. East Jerusalem Palestinians have thrown stones at buses and shot fireworks at police, according to Israel Police. At least one officer has been lightly injured in the clashes.