Human Rights Campaign declares LGBTQ state of emergency in US


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I've stopped paying attention to most sports, all pagent, and anything having anything to do with Hollywood, red carpet, celebrity stuff...... And I'm doing my best to remain completely ignorant of any and all social media "influencers."
Ditto. I don't watch a lot of the newer TV programs, reality TV, or any of the Hollywood award programs. I also got off of Facebook, etc. and the Rapture Forums is the closest thing I use to social media. I don't watch too many sporting events because they have turned political or transgenders are participating in the women's categories. The world is closing off to me because this is not my home.


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Totally agree. Pro sports are just our circuses. A way to distract us from what is coming. As for tv, I find myself going back at least 20 years and watching shows From back then. Current tv shows are just plain sleazy for lack of a better term. Don't get me Started on current movies.