Human remains discovered in wheel well of C-17 that departed Kabul with Afghans clinging to it


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The United States Air Force says that human remains were found in the wheel well of a C-17 aircraft that departed from Kabul, Afghanistan over the weekend and that the details surrounding the flight, including social media posts showing Afghans clinging to and falling from the plane, are being investigated.
The Air Force provided a summary of the events to Fox News, explaining that on August 15, a C-17 Globemaster III landed at Hamid Karzai International Airport delivering equipment to help evacuate Americans and allies from the rapidly deteriorating region.

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There are still at least 10,000 Americans caught behind Taliban checkpoints without any way to get to the airport in Kabul. It will be a very dangerous trip for them--if they make it. The Biden administration has, of course, been totally useless and just sent out a text message today to the trapped Americans saying that the U.S. cannot guarantee their safety on their way to the airport. Of course, on Sunday, they told them to "shelter in place"--like that was going to do anything to help them??
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I tried my best to not see the picture of this incident. Unfortunately, it popped up on a story I was reading. Now I can't 'unsee' that picture. Poor man. He must have been utterly desperate to try to escape that way. It says a lot about the terror some of the Afghan people must be feeling.