Huge 72ft tall, 30 ton statue named Waters Soul which pays "homage to the water" erected in NJ.


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And yet, they tear down statutes of people like General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, who was a godly Christian man, he was a school and Sunday school teacher, who taught black children how to read and write (which he could have gone to prison for had he been found out), and who denounced slavery. Like my own great-great grandfather, who also denounced slavery, the only reason General Jackson fought for the Confederacy was because he was a native of VA, and VA went with the South. :furious It's extremely difficult to go to war fighting against your own family and friends. But, then the woke haven't any concept of loyalty. They also don't have any concept of what the Civil War was really about ~ like Great Britain, the northern states wanted the U.S. to become industrialized, while the south wanted to remain agriculturalized. Slavery wasn't the main reason for the war. Btw, I learned this info from my 11th grade American History teacher who was from PA and whose family served in the Union Army during the war.
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