Huckabee named Amassador to ISRAEL


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At this point it would be a disappointment if the US embassy will not be relocated to Jerusalem now.
It should have been relocated to Israel's capital, Jerusalem, long ago, but because of political appeasement to the Moslems, every U.S. government subsequent to the passage of the bill authorizing the move to Jerusalem, in 1995, has invoked a waiver to avoid adhering to the law. Understandable by the latest clown to "occupy" the WH, Hussein O. since he is a Moslem, but still unacceptable.
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Huckabee denies being tapped as Trump’s Israel envoy
After meeting Trump, ex-Arkansas governor dispels rumors he’s off to Jerusalem, says ambassador won’t be chosen till secretary of state in place
November 19, 2016, 2:12 am
Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee speaks to the media at Trump Tower in New York City on November 18, 2016. (AFP PHOTO / DOMINICK REUTER)

Former Arkansas governor and failed Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee denied Friday that he was tapped by President-elect Donald Trump to serve as the next US ambassador to Israel. Britain’s Daily Mail on Friday quoted an unnamed source in the Trump transition team confirming both the appointment and that moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would be a first item of business for ambassador Huckabee. “That’s going to happen,” the transition source said. “Governor Huckabee is going to see it through.”

Huckabee wrote on Twitter that the “media buzz” about his nomination was not true. “Was never discussed with PE Trump; slot probably not picked until State Dept in place,” he said. He said he would discuss the character of the meeting in a TV interview on Fox Friday night. Huckabee met with Trump on Friday at Trump Tower in New York City, but did not comment on the rumors of his posting to Israel, and there was no official confirmation from the Trump team. “I’m just here for the Starbucks,” Huckabee quipped before going into his meetings.

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