Hello everyone. I'm new here but praise the Lord, have been saved (accepted Christ as my personal Savior) since I was a small girl. I was blessed to live in a born again household and was taught about the Rapture when I was still a kid in Sunday school, and my mom taught me from Hal Lindsey's books too. Wayyyyy back then, I believed it was possible I may never get to graduate high school. (I graduated in 87). Then I wondered if I'd ever get married, have kids, etc... Here I am, blessed with a loving marriage (30 years) and 2 grown kids. But I still look up every day, wondering, Will it be today?
I just wanted to say hello. I've needed the camaraderie of like minded individuals. Thank the Lord, my husband is a believer, my kids too. They believe the Lord is coming too. But my kids don't like the idea of it happening during their lifetimes. Not that the world itself is that important to them. No, it's because they are young and newlyweds and they want to have kids of their own. Like me way back when, they probably wonder if they'll have the chance to have babies. So I understand that. But I love to think of the Lord's appearing, and they change the subject if I try to mention it. It's been a lot more on my mind recently. It feels so very close!