Howdy, new here, great forum, for old nutty, Lord lovin' guy

nails in his hands

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Hi all ,,Thank you for the great fourm ,I have more fourms on my puter than anthing else , Married too the girl of my dreams ,she loves me still cant belive it ,and loves the Lord too,Well got to go check out some more of the posts on here as I need all the faith building help I can get,, from this world that pulls from every direction ,,,,Robert:fish:


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Welcome to the forum nails in his hands. Some really great people on here. It's nice to have you here with us!


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Welcome to RF. I pray you find everything you need to help deepen your faith. There are some wonderful Christians here and they can answer virtually any question you might have with solid Bible based facts.

Don't be too hard on the cold weather, after that summer we just went through we could use a bit of chill in the air.