Howdy, I'm new here.


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I found this forum/board through a complex delta of links, websites, blogs and whatnot that I believe originated at The Prophetic Years (I feel that it's more likely I was "led here"). I've been reading through many-many threads over the last week or two, trying to familiarize myself with the community and the general "spirit" of the body here and am thrilled to have found so many like-minded believers.

I hope I can contribute something of worth over time, but baring that and until then, I'll simply take refuge in the warmth and Christ-centered harbor that exists here. I'm not sure about anyone else, aside from my wife, but we feel sort of like weary travelers seeking refuge from the myriad false prophets/teachers/doctrines/etc... so prevalent pretty much everywhere.

I'm (we're) firmly pre-trib, pre-mill, dispensational and the Bible, the whole Bible and nothing but the Bible in our doctrines.

So, I'm looking forward to making you acquaintances.