How/Who to witness to a dying co-worker of my Spouse


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Hi all, long time reader/member - but first posting. My husband just came home tonight and told me that a co-worker of his is dying (soon, and has given up). My response - Is he saved? Unresponsive answer. My response - Can you witness to him? I doubt it, was his answer. I said - Tell him that eternity is either Heaven...or hell. He almost wept, but he is not an evangelical (prayers have been said for 20+ years that this will change).

My prayer is that SOMEONE (in this man's sphere) will talk to him before it is too late, and find out where he is at. I do not know this person, but told my husband that I will - after I pray on this - be asking for some kind of way to get in touch with him if God leads me there - Rob is his name.

I can testify, and tell about Yeshua, and eternity...what I am asking for is intercessory prayers that I/whomever will be led by the Lord to be THE person(s) that NEED to do this, and how to do it with someone totally unknown to me. Thank you all in advance for your guidance.

Jesus is Lord and Marantha,