How to witness to a dying friend?


I've looked long and hard on the forum and couldn't find a thread on how to lead a person on their death bead to Christ.

I found out 3 days ago a friend of mine had stage 4 cancer. Good has put it heavily on my heart to try and save her soul. She is a great person, but someone I'm 99% sure is not a believer. I hope to go see her this weekend and I need the tools to help her give her life over to Christ. I have prayed and so is my small group. But I come here looking for what to say and scripture to back it up. God hapointed me here to you my brothers and sisters. I need your knowledge and you prayers.
Thank You
God Bless us all.
P.s. I will also be taking her a small new testament study bible to give her in hopes she will read our Father's words and both will be saved and learn of his love for us.


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Praying the Lord will prepare her heart as I'm praying the Lord will give you the words for you to say. In Jesus Name I plead, Amen.


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Praying for you friend. I also pray that God gives you the words to say.

If I had to start that kind of would probably involve something along the lines
of how we all will live forever somewhere. The death of the body is not the end. Our lives here are
just the beginning and then I'd lead on into the gospel of how all of us are born into the world sinners...
There is no right way. I just wanted to give you and example. I'm no expert as I have never been in
the situation to lead someone to Christ on their death bed. The Spirit will guide you. I'm sure. Sorry
to hear this about your friend but I hope that this will be turned into a home-going with your friend
going to meet her Lord & Savior. :hug :pray:


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Tell her your testimony. Add simple verses that hit home...all have sinned, all guilty before God. Tell her how Christ Jesus saved you, put a new song in your mouth and is coming again to take you to your mansion in Heaven. Tell her that if it wasn't for the Lord you would be still on the road to a lost eternity, without Christ and without hope. Jesus is the answer, the only remedy. Tell her J316. Ask her simple questions; like, are you sure you're Heaven bound? Are you trusting in Jesus or do you think you're good enough already? (There is NONE good).

Keep it simple, trust in the power of the word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Watch her reaction, listen to what she says and pray from start to finish. It's in God's hands, all we can be is finger pointing towards Jesus, for He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

It's funny sometimes, we run about worrying because God asks us something to do; little do we realise it's Him that does the job anyway, we're just the pawn. God bless.

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isin, I'm sorry to hear about your friend and her stage 4 disease. That's difficult news to hear about anybody. You might ask her to describe her view of God to you. If she says that she believes in God, ask her how, why? Most likely (hopefully) she will say something about the world around us and the apparent evidence of a Creator. If she goes that far in agreement, you can discuss how God has provided everything that is needed for His Creation. Psalm 104 (a Psalm describing God as Creator), Job 12:7-10. This last verse (10), asks the question, 'In whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind?' She needs to see God in His fullest context: A loving, compassionate Creator, who provides for all living things, as described in all these verses (and elsewhere in Scripture). Since God so lovingly provides for the needs of His created beings, He also provides for us. Sun, moon, plants that contain their own seed to ensure future food supply, to name a few. She will most likely recognize all of this as true, since it's pretty hard not to see it.

From there, you can talk about our sin nature resulting from the fall of Adam & Eve. God immediately provided a sacrifice in order to cover their nakedness (sin) with animal skins. Fig leaves (their own effort at covering their nakedness, sin, would not do). Jesus, who is God, came to earth to provide that sacrifice (or covering) for our sin, by dying in our place. He took for us what all of us deserve, because of our sin. Just like Adam & Eve, we cannot successfully cover our own sin. A loving, compassionate Creator/Redeemer provided it for us, but we must place our faith in Jesus as our Savior and Lord. It's not an 'automatic transfer,' so to speak.

Please post again, after you have a chance to visit her, and let us know how it went. I will pray that God gives you His wisdom, from His Word, to speak words of life to your friend.


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Praying that God will prepare and soften her heart to His Word. That He will bring to mind passages to answer any questions that she has. May God be glorified!


I talked to her husband yesterday and told him thatI've felt called to talk with her. Thank the lord he was in agreement with me. But also said she's turned down past request. God has blessed me with the gift of communication and I know the Lord with see me through.. I'm hoping tonight she will be well enough tonight for me to visit with her.
I have to admit the devil has been throwing up road blocks left and right. It's shocking just how many road blocks he had thrown my way. But because of that is plan will back fire. It just goes to show the importance of the mission. I thank the lord for the challenges that are testing me because it's strengthening my faith and opening up my heart. The proof of God is all around us. One must first recognize that there's no such thing has coincidence and open up our hearts in order for the holy spirit to influence our lives.

Thank You to everyone for the examples and prayers.
And thank you Lord for calling me to do your will.

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I read Acts 17 this morning. It was about Peter's amazing, yet not so amazing speech. He spoke eloquently, and yet only a few people were saved. He didn't mention Jesus. My advice is, the simple gospel is always the right approach. Be there for your friend, tell them about Jesus and forgiveness of sins through Him; that no man is blameless - all will perish, save the free gift of everlasting life. God made it simple, not complicated. There aren't many ways. There's one way.



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I don't have any advice but to simply allow the Holy Spirit to lead and be His messenger.
Praying for you and your friend :pray: :hug


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I'm a hairdresser at a nursing home. I just tell them there is no reason to be afraid if they know Jesus. Then I tell them how to ask. "Lord, I am a sinner and I need forgiveness. Jesus, I need your help. I know you died for my sins and there is no other way to the Father except through you. Help me believe Father, and help me not be afraid because I know you have wiped my sins away. All I have to do is ask you because you have done all the work for me."

There was this one time when this Lady was dying. I went to her room to check on her and she kept grabbing at the Bed rails when I turned to leave. She could no longer talk as she was very sick. I just turned to her and simply told her what to do. She listened so carefully. Then because she couldn't speak I told her to say a prayer in her head that the Father could still hear her prayer. So she did. Then I told her that if she believed what she prayed for she was saved. There is nothing we can do to help Him save us. Jesus did it all on the cross. She died the next day. I hope to see her in Heaven.

You never know. Maybe she prayed, maybe she didn't. All we can do is off the Truth to them.


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I don't have the answer, but merely a suggestion. Go to them with the love you feel, empty of a plan of speech. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak for you. Imagine the love you feel radiating to their person. Casual conversation is fine, while waiting for them to ask you a question. If God sent you, they will ask. If you let the Holy Spirit speak through you, you can do no more. Just feeling the love in their presence will be a blessing to them. God asks for your participation, He will provide all else.


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This is off the cuff so forgive me for not reading the other posts.

I say just go with it - you have nothing to lose and they have everything to gain. Ya can't worry about being rejected or given a deaf ear. Most people in a dying situation are more inclined to listen with an open ear and a open heart.