How to Survive as Remnant Believers


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He was one of many missionaries my Church supports .
Im glad you attend a solid church friend.
That is really great , especially during these last days.
He might have visited there (where you attend ) at some point years ago.
How many solid Baptist churches are in Scotland ?
When I first joined the Church some years ago they were always talking about 'BUS'. I wondered what this Bus was, but it's the Baptist Union of Scotland. It has 150 churches in it. One or two are quite large, many are small and in remote places, like the Islands of Scotland. But the union I think keeps them on track and acts as an umbrella for any legal matters (Scotland is very 'woke' these days), it also supports the smaller churches or new church plants financially. So 150 I would say: One sad feature I do know is that the overall membership of BUS churches combined has been declining for several decades. But a trickle of people are still being saved. God Bless :)


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Yes I know how you feel. I heard a speaker say that 1.5% of the Scottish population was attached to an Evangelical Church. How he arrived at the figure or how he labelled an 'Evangelical' church I'm not sure, it was an intro to a presentation about pastoral care and evangelism. 1.5% would mean Scotland is near the bottom on the global league table of countries and the gospel. God Bless :)
Thanks Lismore, would have liked to have beard about his pastoral care and evangelism. 1.5% is low however wouldn't surprise me if entire UK is that figure for example where I am is about 24,000 and my guess is there's approximately 230 to 240 Christians that's about 1% and that if all the people that go to church are Christian.


I haven’t been to a church in a long time. When I was little we went to a Lutheran church occasionally. As a teenager went to a Methodist church in our small town and bad experience. Too many gossipy old people if you know what I mean. Bible study was spent talking about foreign missionaries and their boyfriends. Not interested in foreign missionary and I didn’t have a boyfriend, apparently I was the only one that didn’t. Later went back to the Lutheran church and the pastor was arrogant and the congregation went from large to small quickly, but the pastor stayed on for years. Later they had a woman pastor which I don’t believe women should be pastors.
I’m going into my 3rd year of retirement and I’m not a social person. I worked with the public for many years and tired of being around people. I don’t like the thought of having to look for a good church, but read the Bible. Having family, friends and contacts with other true Christians mean a lot to me though. This is the link to the Rock Harbor Church church locator. They have spent countless hours vetting churches to see that they teach and preach the true word of God. Hopefully you find it helpful.