How Oregon Democrats Rammed GUN CONFISCATION BILL


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Oregon democrats pulled every shady trick in the book to ram through what is being tabbed as an “extreme risk protection order”, which would allow a family member or household member to arbitrarily decide that someone is a risk to themselves or others, and grants police the authority storm one’s home and confiscate “deadly weapons“. This confiscation would take place with no substantive proof that the person in question ever did anything wrong, and the accuser need not have any mental health qualifications. The accused would then have to spend thousands of dollars of their own money on attorney and court fees to prove they are worthy of their 2nd Amendment rights.

Early statements from Oregon Firearms Federation included “Senate Bill 868 allows police or family members to request that a court force you to relinquish all firearms based on the accusers perception that you are dangerous to yourself or others. It does not require that you have committed a crime, it does not require that you have been convicted of a crime, and one of the indicators that you are “dangerous” is that you have purchased or attempted to purchase a firearm or ammunition in the last 180 days. Of course, this bill contains nothing that would allow for a person who really was a danger to himself to access any kind of help.”

This bill will require that local police come to your home and confiscate your firearms if a family member tells a judge that they think you are dangerous or suicidal. It also allows any police officer to make the same accusations about you to a judge. The police officer does not need to know you or even have ever met you.

You are not allowed to contest the confiscation order until after your rights and property have been taken.

Under this bill you can have your gun rights stolen and your property confiscated if you have purchased a firearm or ammunition in the last 180 days. That is not a misprint or a joke. A “household” member or police officer can request that your gun rights be eliminated and your guns confiscated by police…because you bought a gun.

While we think there will be more efforts to destroy your gun rights, SB 719 is the immediate danger.

Under this bill you get an opportunity to prove your innocence only after you have been punished with the confiscation of your property and the elimination of your rights.