How is the weather in your area NOW??

Andy C

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Light rain this morning for a few hours. In the 5 years we lived here, this is the first time I believe it has rained in July. We average about 2 days of rain for the entire summer.

High of 74 today, overnight low of 59.

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80* F at 5am, could be 98-100* today and tomorrow, very steamy, possible strong storms this afternoon and late tonight.


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Yes! I've been doing some outside work that I generally enjoy, but now I'm having to wait until about an hour before dark so that I don't get super hot.
You have to be careful with the heat for sure. I had a heat stroke in 95 delivering the food section for the K.C. Star. It was 101 temp and heat index 101 that day. I was in a coma for about 16-18 hrs that afternoon and came out the next morning. I was in the hospital for 3 days.

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70* and light rain, rained last night, rain is good we are below normal this year and our lawn was 50-60% brown, now it is getting green again, tomorrow is mowing day :mowing

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Mid to upper 80s today then 90's through Tuesday, the next 10 days 96-100* F with little chance of rain, typical Midwest climate for this time of year, but May was exceptional with temps breaking 100* for a few days, I think we are still below normal/average for rainfall so fires may spark up again.


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It seems my province is going through a crazy summer of unusual heat and humidity which leads to violent storms. My area seems to be only getting the heat and humdiity though. I've been in Southern Ontario all week and it was simply gorgeous. There were only brief moments where I felt that I could say it was outright "hot". Not looking forward to coming back to a hot and stuffy house with our new A/C yet to be installed. My husband will need a strong person to help him so I suggested that whoever he asks to help we will invite the whole family over for a visit and barbecue. Make a day of it.

Mama Bug

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We had some major storms come through this evening. One of our giant oak trees fell, crushed one of our storage buildings, and knocked down our power line. This day has been annoying. We’re sitting here in the dark waiting for the power company to come out. I reported a dangerous condition, so I thought someone would be out soon. No such luck. Apparently a downed power line isn’t a big deal. Or their definition of asap is different from mine. Our pets are acting weird. The parakeets are being quiet for once, the guinea pigs weren’t demanding food like they normally do and their dinner was late, and the cats were meowing at my husband. They never meow at him. I think one of the guinea pigs is scared of storms. She will get right under your feet, knows no fear, until it starts thundering. Then she freezes. Pray for me. It’s gonna be a long night.

Tall Timbers

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Our air has been real smoky from Alaskan fires since I returned from Oregon. We still open all our windows at night otherwise the house gets a little too warm. I saw a local high school cross country coach when I was running one day, and he through out the day's air quality index at me... I'm not gonna let a little smoke keep me from living...

Ghoti Ichthus

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70s nights, 80s days. Daytimes very humid. Yicky :puke

They keep on predicting rain, but we aren't getting much, so having to water the tomatoes, etc. every day.
Not watering the lawn even though it really needs it (crunchy, getting brown areas), but water's expensive [sigh]
The only thing thriving . . . the weeds :eek :mad :frust