How is the weather in your area NOW??


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Thank the Good Lord for over 2 inches of rain!! The ground was parched almost. Plus cooler lower 90s.
I love praying for rain, then thanking Him when He provides!!!!
I'll send you some of ours!

I've been enjoying this week of cooler weather. It's still sunny and summer-y for the most part and our shaded yard provides plenty of breezes. More rain in the forecast for tonight though. Our area is only getting a slight chance of moderate storms but our province is otherwise being hit by severe weather again. I am seeing the Tornado warnings popping up from my weather feed again. The smart part of my brain knows it is a good thing we rarely get the severe storms but the part of me that loves fireworks and movies where people fall down a lot wants to see a light show and hear the loud thunder that rolls right through your body.

Mama Bug

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Cloudy but almost comfortable. I’m liking the weather this week, which is unusual for me. I can’t stand summer but it doesn’t feel like summer this week.