How is the weather in your area NOW??

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Anyone notice the "ash fall advisory" in Miami from the NW.S? This is odd isn't it? where is the nearest volcano to Miami? ????

Ash fall could be from forest/wild fires, but usually there's a visibility and/or air quality advisory or alert to go with that.
Here's a current national map.

Here's the aviation advisory map. Convection and thunderstorms, which mirrors NWS advisories I found

I looked and didn't see an ash advisory for Miami (maybe I missed it?)

Wonder if it has something to do with wind currents and the volcano by Mexico City?

NOAA has current volcanic ash advisories in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Colombia. Popocatepetl volcano by Mexico City is active and spewing. There are about 25 million people that live within 60 miles of this volcano. Evacuation alert Yellow.

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Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
Looks like all or multiple NWS offices in the vicinity of the Gulf/having any responsibility for the Gulf are issuing/reissuing.

Did a search on New Orleans NWS website and got a laundry list

Here's a brief synopsis of what ash can do
"Impacts of Ashfall on Health, Business and Infrastructure
Impacts from ashfall depend on distance from the volcano, physical properties of the ash, the amount of ashfall, and the readiness of a community to respond. Communities near volcanoes are at the greatest risk for ashfall although it can be a problem hundreds of miles from a volcano after a major eruption. Volcanic ash can create eye and upper airway irritation. Ashfall can cause minor to major damage to vehicles and buildings, contaminate water supplies, disrupt sewage and electrical systems, and damage or kill vegetation. After ashfall, affected airports must be closed until ash is removed because of its hazard to jet engines. Roads near the volcano may be impassable until cleared. NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFO) collaborate with VAACs and other state and federal agencies to issue ashfall advisories and warnings."


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It was a beautiful day. Clear blue skies with lots of puffy, white clouds. It was downright chilly this morning, but it warmed up to the mid 70's F this afternoon. It is still nice out. The temperature has cooled some and it is a bit breezy but completely enjoyable.

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
Hey, @Chet

Maybe you could sign up to be Miami's Volcano/Ash Watcher, kind of like the civilian volunteer plane spotters during World War II :biggrin

Farmer-turned-policeman is Mexico’s eyes and ears at Popocatepetl volcano​

By MARÍA VERZAan hour ago

"SANTIAGO XALITZINTLA, Mexico (AP) — When the Popocatepetl volcano reawakened in 1994, Mexican scientists needed people in the area who could be their eyes and ears. State police helped them find one, Nefi de Aquino, a farmer then in his 40s who lived beside the volcano. From that moment on, his life changed.

He became a police officer himself, but with a very specific job: watching Popocatepetl and reporting everything that he saw to authorities and researchers at diverse institutions.

For nearly three decades, de Aquino says he has been “taking care of” the volcano affectionately known as “El Popo.” And for the past 23 of those years, he has been sending scientists daily photographs.

Collaboration between researchers and local residents — usually people of limited means — is crucial to Mexico’s volcano monitoring. Hundreds of villagers collaborate in different ways. Often local residents are the only witnesses to key events. Sometimes scientists install recording devices on their land, or have them collect ash samples."


Dear God, please calm Popocatepetl down and let the people return and be safe in their own homes.

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It was about 30C (86F) today and it's supposed to be like that for a week. We're under a heat advisory though not really sure why. High 20s and low 30s is hot but without serious humidity it isn't too bad. The wind was really strong today so I didn't even notice it and I normally hate the heat. I only really felt the heat when I went to a part of the yard sheltered from the wind. The wind wasn't cold but it was coolish and strong enough to whisk any heat away. I'm definitely feeling the warmth tonight but I am going to put the fan on so it should be fine. It isn't bad and I can't feel any real humidity. It is supposed to rain on Monday so maybe more will come later.

Our area has been put under a heightened fire risk so there are some restrictions put on the back trails for ATVs and getting burn permits. But it doesn't seem severe to me. It seems these 'alerts' and 'warnings' are putting out rather easily. Like I said, I don't know why we have a heat advisory for high 20s when there is no humidity. That can get rather crushing in the summer. Maybe for outdoor work, I guess. My husband was mowing the lawn after supper and came in before he was done.

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Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
LOL since you and I are nearly neighbors, I don't think I could do the job very well. my telescope is too cheap...... lol


Or maybe you could get some ISS observational time? Not cheap, but hey, nothing's too good to keep Miami safe from volcanoes and ash, right? :biggrin