How is the weather in your area NOW??


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It was actually quite warm today. I might even say that it was hot. I have had our A/C unit on for the past few days on the dehumidifier setting. Our house is still relatively cool so I was shocked at how hot it felt when I went outside. It got to about 25 degrees C (78ishF). I do enjoy all the sunny weather though there is quite a bit of haze coming from the wildfires in Alberta. It's amazing how far it can travel. It turned our sun blood red today.


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Slightly overcast today with a lovely breeze. It is 23C (73F). No need for the a/c but I do have a room fan going and all the windows open. I like when it's cool enough to keep a sweater on. I just love wearing sweaters. The weather report is calling for rain today but it hasn't happened yet.

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We had a little rain, but not the severe thunderstorms we were supposed to get. It was also very hazy (smoke), so it stayed cooler and not very much sunlight. If this persists, I might drag a gro-light outside to help the tomatoes and herbs.
40sF tonight, unless the smoke keeps the warmth in.

Air quality alert due to the smoke in the air from the fires in Canada. The smoke is making my eyes sting and blur, lips tingle and taste like smoke, and throat and lungs hurt [sigh] Evidently, maple and ash trees aren't burning, or not in large quantities, because I haven't had an allergic reaction (yet).
And still some flood advisories and flood warnings.

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