How is the weather in your area NOW??


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We had a beautiful snowfall this afternoon. It wasn't what I'd call a Christmas snow as the flakes were too small and the wind a little too blustery but it had just enough wildness to look interesting and make me feel extra cozy inside of the house yet not fear my husband driving into it for work.


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Depends on your definition of crooked.
If you mean unevenly or roughly, might need sharpening, or maybe a new chain. Or could be uneven power (power button going bad or not consistently depressed, dead man switch going bad (serious safety issue), If fuel, could be bad or mis-mixed gas or bad or failing spark plug. If electric, could be fluctuating current (including inadequate or deteriorating cord, or low or old battery, or contacts need to be cleaned)

If you mean at an angle, the operator may be adjusting grip, angle, or "scooping" at start or end of cut. Uneven ground to stand on, too high or low positioning of the item to be cut, uneven wetness in the item to be cut, or operator tiredness/fatigue can cause this.

If the bar is bent or deformed, this is a serious safety issue.
Small saw, 2HP. Level ground. Temperature in lo 60s. Cutting maple close to 30" diameter. Bought bar and chain together.

Start cut across top. Cut down as deep as can. Then cut from each side til can bust off. Start straight but saw cut starts to turn from vertical toward right. So one side of log cut goes away from vertical to right and other side goes to left. I think it is way I sharpen saw.


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3 degrees can certainly make all the difference whether up or down.

It is currently -14C (7F). How's THAT for running? haha I have done walks in colder weather and it certainly is an interesting sensation on your lungs. I do like to breathe it in deeply when I have a chest cold.

Hmmm, I am flying home for a funeral tomorrow morning and they are currently under a snow squall warning. I hope that doesn't affect the flight too much. It is-3C (27F) over there.


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My dad did an airport run today and he said outside their local region there was no sign of any storm. My uncle had flown into a different airport than we will be tomorrow but it seems both avoided the adverse weather. The weather on our end seems favourable too.

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It was supposed to get into the high 30s today, but my car thermometer said it was 49 early this afternoon. Sunny, so it might have actually busted 50.

Still snow on the front yard and I'm hopping it's gone by Friday so I can see what I'm doing while putting up the outdoor Nativity :smile

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