How I Came To Know Christ As Savior

Jeff K

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Because I'm so excited, I'd like to share a praise report as to how God has been working since this video was made and then posted.

I talked of how my oldest son changed schools and was studying to become a church pastor in my testimony and it's been amazing how God has worked out all the details. My son Kyle has been interviewing with a church in Indiana (about 4 hours away) and this weekend, he and his fiance are there for what could be their final interview. It is a small church, so his position would be assistant pastor / youth pastor. It just touches my heart to see him be obedient to God's calling and then watch God open doors.
The kids get married next month, go on a honeymoon and then could literally pack their bags to start their ministry as soon as they get back. This is many big steps for a young couple, would you pray for them?

My youngest son Austin, is a senior in college and has been active in the kids ministry programs at church as well as co-teaching a 5th-6th grade boys Sunday school class.

It is so humbling to see how God took a filthy sinner such as I and poured out His blessings. We serve such an awesome God. All He asks is that we by faith, trust in His Son Jesus Christ as our Savior.