How do you grow out your hair from being Short?

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Welp I'm back at it again.... My pixie is now to a shaggy hair cut and I'm enjoying being able to do different styles with my hair including puffy 80 and 70s like styles with it for I'm debating leaving it again let's see how long it lasts a haha


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I don't know how to live with short hair. All my life I have had long, long hair, even while in the military. Once I cut my hair short, like shoulder length and I felt physically sick and felt powerless. So as an Island girl who grew up with many island girls (we don't cut our hair), we use coconut oil. You put coconut oil on your hair to keep it soft and we believe it helps your hair grow long, thick and healthy. If you can find some, get some Tahitian coconut oil for hair and skin.


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Okay so I've had a pixie cut for a long while a few years actually haha and I've started growing it out. for now since it's mess haha as I'm growing it out for keeping it maintained I'll either wear hair bands or a bandana or just push all my hair back and put it in a bandana and make a little bow out of the ends of the bandana since I have thick curly hair I have to maintain it somehow haha so I'm interested to know how y'all style your hair in all the different stages of growing out your hair? Including in the awkward stage haha I have no idea how long this growing out hair thing for me is going to last though since summer is just right around the corner I'll probably end up saying the heck with it and Chop it off again but it's worth a try! I would love to have the long hair and be able to style it different ways haven't had long hair in forever and pixie cuts are a lot of maintenance. Can't wait read y'alls comments.:paintnails:thankyou:tea
Why do you keep saying haha? Doesn't make sense to me