How do I remind my bible scholar friend about prophecy?


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I’m not sure what to say to him or how to approach the subject. He’s highly intelligent, a scholar of the Bible and was raised Catholic and has in recent years converted to Judaism. He’s a friend I met years ago when we were both in a dark place in our lives and we have remained friends because of our bond in Jesus. He is now married to a wealthy woman and has two young children. I spoke to him today and it just seems he has forgotten about his love for Jesus. He’s very busy with life, has money, and is in the life around people also with money, and he is very loyal to Judaism. He doesn’t pay attention to current events and just seems like he’s not aware of what’s going on in the world. I want to remind him about prophecy and them being fulfilled. I just don’t know how because he knows everything I can think of telling him already.

Would love some suggestions.