How can you believe in a God that wants to send most of the world to Hell?

This is not a critique of your post HIU, just some points to consider for others who may look into this thread.

The human justice system and God's Justice system, though similar, are not completely alike. Man's justice system is a shadow of God's Justice system.

Man's justice strives to reveal the truth of a matter and then attempts to adjudicate fairly.
God's Justice already knows the Truth and guarantees fair Justice.

Mans justice frequently allows for "mulligans".
God's Justice always adjudicates fairly and evenly according to the Will of God.

Dying on a cross wasn't enough?

The proof of God's love and desire to have a relationship with us is very "in your face". You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Most of the complaints against God are based on an emotional response. Some people are just built to live emotionally, not with logic and reason. Being a person who uses logic and reason I don't have a good emotional argument for these types of people.

But in order for them to have an emotional argument against God they first need to believe in God. At least that's a start.

My logical argument against this emotional response is:

This complaint against God being unfair is the simple argument of claiming that God is immoral.

The fact that we can argue that God is immoral is proof that He is not.

Prior to God's creation of the Universe the only thing that existed was God. Everything that existed at that time, and still, was and is "of" God. Morals, justice, love, ethics, etc. didn't and don't exist outside of God, they are apart of God.

When God created the Universe He included in that creation those non material characteristics that He has into his creation. Love, morals, justice, etc.

It would have been immoral of God to put into creation lesser versions of those characteristics than He has. Therefore if God could act immorally then that would be the highest moral value He could put into creation and thereby the highest moral value we could live by.

So if God could act immorally the best that we would be able to do would be to applaud Him for acting according to His character.

But we don't. We complain that He is immoral. Which is proof that He isn't. The created can't be greater than the Creator.
Sure. I have no interest in playing Lucifer's advocate, you must understand.

The emotional impact is a big part of the issue, and I agree, and many will declare God immoral for this reason alone. Lots of responses to that mentality, but it gets personal straight away. It's not easy to convey to someone your heart is not right in your approach to God. But I've done it nonetheless.

To me, it simply comes down to accepting things we don't want to accept. It is preposterous to proclaim God is immoral, but I believe individual people can think God was immoral to them.

As I said, even using argumentation which shows God is not immoral if we can complain that he is, places it into reasoning, logic. Emotion can trap the mind into not receiving truth.
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God has already proved His existence: the creation and the resurrection. If people choose not to consider those things, that is on them, not God. He is not obliged to offer any further proof (although He often graciously does).

As to someone accusing God of being unfair, I would ask them: who made YOU the Fairness Sheriff? Seems to me that God will decide what is fair. You do have the right to argue it with Him and present your case when you stand before Him! No problem there!