How can we help the Trib Saints?


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I know most of us proclaim the prophecies every chance we get when witnessing but there are occasions when all we can do is simply hand someone a tract. A very powerful thought occurred to me the other day. The Tribulation Saints are alive right now and have yet to accept the gift of salvation. These Saints which are so beloved by our Lord they are specifically mentioned in Revelation, we are brushing elbows with right now. With the hour being as late as it is and the Tribulation being right around the corner, we are the ones tasked with planting the seeds for the Tribulation Saints. That tract you handed somebody the other day, the one that is just sitting on their counter right now, could be the very seed that brings someone to Christ during the Tribulation.
Other than praying this seed bears fruit when we give the tract to them can we add some verbal fertilizer, so to speak, to help when they do turn to Christ. This seed will be bearing fruit after the Restrainer is gone. Something as simple as "The true believers in the Lord will be taken soon. When this happens you will know these things are true... Don't believe the reason man gives you.
It just seems that planting the seed with a simple "Jesus loves you and died for you" is inadequate this late in time.
Any thoughts...?


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I was musing a bit earlier this afternoon about what voice message to leave on my phone. I've witnessed to everyone I know so only people I know will call after the rapture...

"Mary Brown is away from the phone right now. Please leave a message and I'll call you back! DISCLAIMER: In the event of the rapture, that's one promise I won't be able to keep!"

Or something like that.

I'm still thinking about it. Hoping to leave practical help for the tribulation saints, food, shelter, transportation all in good working order. All my bibles... That kind of thing.

Been thinking ever since I planted a pear tree for the tribulation saints, perhaps anyone with a fruit tree should carve into the tree trunk "FOR THE TRIBULATION SAINTS"


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In my circumstances, I’m mainly focusing in on the unsaved strangers I come into contact with whether it be at the grocery store, bank, post office, department stores, doctor/dentist office, UPS/FED EX delivery drivers and any home service repairs and/or delivery repair guy who comes to the house because my entire blood relatives have all heard numerous times through Christmas cards and then again through the recent deaths of my mother and aunt. I typed up letters and included the Memorial speeches notifying them all that both sisters are in heaven and if they want to see their cousins again they need Jesus. These non-believing family members are really distant relatives - some I never met and others just only 1 time in my life since they live so far away (CA, KS, MO, SC, FL) so I really doubt they will drive all the way up to VT to our house. But with these unsaved relatives, I learned I can’t do the saving, I did my part in telling and I just leave it to the Lord and pray for them so I don’t let the burden “oh they are not saved yet” get me down.

What I do is, if I'm going to drive into town, I pray ahead of time for the Lord to use me and to bring the people to me. So when the chatty person comes up to me, I observe the circumstances – do they look like they are in a hurry and pressed for time or do they look relaxed and have all the time in the world to talk? If they look rushed and stressed out, then I keep it brief and I just talk to them 5 minutes or less on how to get saved and give out that Bible Tract. However, the person who looks relaxed and wants to talk, I will mention end time things. If they give me a blank stare back then I drop that subject real quick :lol: and just tell them the simple plan of salvation and give a tract. However, if they respond with yes, I saw ________ on t.v. I don't know what this world is coming to, etc. then I will talk end time things in great detail and then tell them how they can escape the tribulation period. If someone is kind and holds the door for me, I say "thank you so much, oh here, I just want to give this to you" - I hand them a tract and say "this is the door to eternal life in heaven, etc.". If the person is complaining about the high cost of food, etc. I say "well, I have something that is free and its eternal and then hand them a tract". So it all depends on the circumstances. Each scenario is different so I try to be ready.

For some reason, I never thought of preparing the house for left behind people because it would only be for a complete stranger any way. Perhaps my co-worker would come in since I work from home and I’m using their computer, printer, scanner, etc. and they would probably want all their equipment back. However, I’ve always thought of the house getting destroyed. The Bible says the mountains will be flattened in the tribulation period and since our house is surrounded by big mountains - I can see it getting destroyed by a mudslide. Or perhaps it will burn down because the stove, iron, t.v., air conditioner, hot curlers (they don’t turn off unless you pull the plug) etc. were left on or the other scenario is will the house be flooded from the water flowing from the left on faucet of the kitchen sink or bath tub?

Then I was thinking if the house survives all that, what about the electricity getting turned off because the bill wasn't paid? That would mean any food in the refrig./freezer would be spoiled.

For all these reasons I just never thought of the house being a safe haven for an unsaved person. I hope I'm wrong and it is a safe haven for somebody. There are enough Bibles, tracts and Christian books and dvds laying around the house for anyone who is searching for the Truth to get saved.
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The one thing you can leave behind that has the most power to help the most people after we are gone is your prayer. That is the approach I am using. We will not be here but our prayers will. Here is an example of this idea from my own life.

In 1938 a little boy (Richard) was born in Omaha Nebraska. He grew up there and his grandpa was a vice president of the phone company. When he was 7 years old his family moved to Portland Oregon and his grandpa and grandma (Bampa and Bama) followed . They purchased a house not far from where Richard and his family lived.

One day while Bampa was working on a remodel of his new house he told Richard that when he (Richard) was all grown up he would be given this house. This was just after the war. Life went on and the years passed by, but in the middle 1950's Bampa (a devout real born-again Christian) was promoted and Jesus took him home. Bama remained in the house with her daughter. Years continue to roll by until 1970 when Richard was married. 2 years later Bama also was promoted to Jesus side in heaven, and 20 days later so was her daughter.

That house, from 1945 until 1972 was in the hands of grandma and her daughter and that daughters daughter. But, in response to Bampa's promise and evident prayer, (which was unknown to anyone but Richard), the house was sold by Aunties estate to Richard now a man of 34 years old. Richard and his wife did indeed live in that house for 25 years. Richard was promoted to heaven in about 2005. However his wife (me) is still alive and kicking. The house has long since been sold (1996) and has its new owners, have been there for 18 years.

This is an example of the kind of prayer we can leave behind. It will be the one most effective thing you can do for the tribulation saints.

In the example, which was a real life situation, Bampa made a promise based on something he had prayed for, obviously, and God honored that prayer about 27 years or more after the fact. Bampa stated that this gift was an accomplished fact in 1945. And it was done just as he said it would 12 years after his death. Richards father purchased the house from Aunties estate, and paid for it, every mortgage payment, the whole time we lived there, we never paid a cent for it. It was a gift just as Bampa said it would be.


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Sanded, that was beautiful!
A house built and filled with love and peace, which lingers still in the "new" owners lives!

I particularly have enjoyed reading about the faith that your grandfather had that his prayers would be answered and seeing them answered 27 years later!


I've had the thought that many of the people who have scoffed when I've told them about Yeshua will believe during the tribulation. I'd rather they believe now and avoid it all together, but it's better to avoid the lake of fire at the last possible second than to be thrown into it for eternity.


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Sandee, that was beautiful!
A house built and filled with love and peace, which lingers still in the "new" owners lives!

I particularly have enjoyed reading about the faith that your grandfather had that his prayers would be answered and seeing them answered 27 years later!

Our LORD is a very great and powerful LORD. Bampa knew that, and trusted God to answer, but Bampa made no provision for the answer himself, he left the house to his wife, who left it to her daughter, who left it to her daughter, and Richard bought the house from that estate. Richard's father (Bampa's son) paid every single payment until the day he died and then his estate paid for it. It has been a very special memory for us all, as well as proof of God's faithfulness and love and mercy.

All glory goes to the LORD for this one, He is the only one who could have done what was done.

Bampa was not someone special, but was just like you or I, one of God's kids, who asked a big favor, which was clearly granted, and Bampa knew it; otherwise he would not have told it to his 7 year old grand son, who was the only other person who knew anything about it as far as we know.

When Jesus told us that if we ask anything in His name he would do it He did not put a time limit on it. So pray ahead for the tribulation saints, Jesus will honor our prayers then just as if we were still walking on the earth.


I agree with Sandee that praying for them is very important and have been doing that for some time now. Many years ago I was speaking with my dad during his remaining days and telling him that the thing I would miss most after he died would be knowing that he was praying for me every day. He told me that he believed that our prayers continue to go up before the Father like incense and that I would not be without his prayer. I've never forgotten that and it is comforting. We can pray now that they will be given strength, provision and comfort along with having their spiritual eyes opened so that they will not accept the mark of the beast.