Homiletic Study of the Book of Acts

Wilfred Smith

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I'm doing an online homiletic study of the Book of Acts during the next few weeks, and would greatly appreciate anyone who cares to drop by and provide constructive criticism. I'm doing this in a format similar to, though not exactly, what BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) endorses.

My goal is to be more pro-active in evangelization. My skills are mostly in tech (Todd and I have brainstormed from time to time on how to keep Rapture Ready available even when we get called Home).

I would love to hear from anyone interested in spreading the Gospel, by tech means or otherwise!

Please visit the first part of the study at this link.


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This sounds great! Let us know when you've posted another article.

I've been learning Homiletics at BSF as well, it really is an excellent tool for noticing things once hasn't seen before and applying lessons of scripture to one's life.
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