Holy Spirit Uses Smart Phone to Help 'Prophet" Shawn Bolz Do Cold Readings ??


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Holy Spirit Uses Smart Phone to Help Shawn Bolz Do Cold Readings
April 11, 2016/ Steven Kozar

The Holy Spirit must find it so much easier to transmit information now, thanks to hand held computing devices:

These people are teaching that Jesus Christ giving His life on the cross isn't enough; to really show His love people need to receive fortune telling-style "prophecy."

More information about Shawn Bolz's senior pastor, Bill Johnson and Bethel Church: The Bill Johnson Cornucopia of False Teaching, Bible-Twisting and General Absurdity

Betrayed With a Kiss: Azusa Now's One World Religion

The False Miracles and Doctrine of Azusa Now-Fighting for the Faith

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Bolz is the new Peter Popoff

anyone remember Popoff 's ear-piece scandal back in the 80's
I remember hearing about it or reading about it, there might be a video of it. However, Todd Bentley sure seems to do the same tactics. Calls out random numbers, names, birthdates, etc of people that happen to be at his meetings. Quite suspicious if you ask me. And you can't prove any of it. These people know how to scam without leaving concrete proof, making there case a grey area for the courts. So they just get away with it, not realizing it's costing their name in the Book of Life or they just don't care or very delusion-ed.


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anyone notice the grey haired glasses wearing guy to the left of Bolz ?

It is a certain well known and infamous "healer" and "prophet" from Redding California who works with a guy named Vallotton

and also has a infamous meme high-lighting his prophetic abilities
Fortune-telling prophecy is of the Devil. For the Book of Revelation states, in Chapter 22:15, concerning those who end up in the Lake of Fire after the Great White Thone Judgement, "For without are DOGS, and SORCERERS, and WHOREMONGERS, and MURDERERS, and IDOLATERS, and WHOSOVER LOVETH AND MAKE A LIE." Revelation 22:15. Fortune-telling is a part of SORCERERS. The man better repent and turn to the Lord for forgiveness asking the Lord to save him from his sins or else he will end up in hell and the Lake of Fire. After the Great White Thone Judgement, the lost will go to the Lake of Fire. Jesus Christ paid a high price when He suffered on the Roman Cross to save us from that horrifying place. His love for us was and is so great that He died so that we would be saved from going there. JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED IS WHAT THE APOSTLE PAUL PREACHED. AND THAT IS ENOUGH! DONNAPRAISES.


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So I was looking on Facebook to see deeper into what how this awesome work of fortunetelling could have been sooo easy!

And I found a nugget. 10 is pure gold, so this is probably an 7 or an 8, maybe 9. You make the call.. :) This is Kenny's Facebook page, the one that got called "prophetically" by Mr. Bolz. Look who the person who was mentioned in the stadium works for??? YWAM Youth With A Mission. Lou Engle is very connected to this organization.

:tappingfoot So revealing this really proves the sham and scam of this Azusa Now NAR Rock Extravaganza Festival!

Look at the comments on this YouTube page, some people are not buying it, most are though. :(

[Video removed]

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I can confirm is a John Edwards cold reader

I was at NDOP event here in Los Angeles the other day (going back to Omaha in next few days btw)

and sadly Bolz was one of the speakers

Bolz again

1. Couldn't do anything without his cellphone

2. Was guessing names and got nothing

Vito, why did u make Shawn look bad by not being at event with Bolz called ur name from the audience

So I can confirm first hand Bolz is ripping off John Edwards

and doing cold reading prophecies
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Just a few dollars more. Do these people really believe what they say or are they hucksters. If they believe how are they going to feel when they stand before God?


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speaking of Bolz

Shawn Bolz Sees Dead Child in Cold Reading

Shawn Bolz is now claiming to see dead people. During one of his cold reading “prophecies” with a couple, he claimed he saw their dead daughter Morgan.

2:50 Even tonight as I’m seeing her.
4:18 I just see Jesus smiling with her.
4:20 I’m telling you she’s like watching you like we watch reality television.

This kind of communication from the dead isn’t encouraged in the Bible. It’s a demonic parlor trick causing people to be distracted from the main message of the Gospel.

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