His Will

Joe B

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What an inspiring story of God's perfect plan for Will and what a wonderful and amazing testamony of your personal Faith and Love for God.

May God's Love continue to shine out through you.

I thank you so much for sharing this with us, it has been a blessing, and I have no doubt that God will always be there with you.

You are in my prayers :pray::pray::pray:


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Joining in prayer for the horrible loss the remains of this shattered family are experiencing. I pray they seek God's will and find comfort.

The pain is lessened, knowing Will is with Jesus and is at peace.

I also pray for our dear pastor Mike, as he deals with yet more tribulation with the loss of his friend.


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Oh no...I'm speechless. Mike, I am so sorry. :crying :hug

I have been thinking about this thread for a few days...and how the adage "be careful what you wish for", or in this case, pray for, is so true. My husband and I believe we have prayed for the wrong thing, and the Lord answered our prayers, and we may now suffer for it.

But, this is heart breaking. Mike, please don't blame yourself. This is not something that you could have necessarily prevented. Will may have simply waited for another time. I have lost someone to suicide, I myself have thought about it, and my oldest son wanted to do it in order to go to heaven sooner. I understand.

Please accept my condolences, and know that my prayers for you are constant. My brother, Jesus loves you. :hug


I Love the Lord
I am so sorry Bro Mike and also thankful for Will's story. So many times, I too pray out of my own selfish needs. Lord, Your will be done.:pray:

Joe B

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I think that it is okay to ask for anything that you want from God! Just finish your prayer always with, 'Thy will be done'.

Every now and then I make a point of saying to God, 'Father, you are my override on everything that I ask for, as your will is far greater than mine!