Hillary escapes again


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Her lawyer Sussman found not guilty of giving a false narrative to the FBI about Trump after being told by Hillary to leak the story to the press. Hillary paid his bill for his errands, though he claimed to have “no client”.
The jury included Hillary staff and friends.
Only two ways I can see her receiving justice:
1. Gollum falls into Orodruin’s lava wearing Hillary’s power amulet.
2. Great White Throne.

Jeff K

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The web of insulation finally ends at that moment, then weeping and gnashing
I've often thought about the weeping and gnashing.
Weeping - Those who thought they were good enough to get into heaven...
Gnashing - Those who gnashed their teeth and shook their fist at God while on earth, and still gnashing and hating God in the Lake of Fire.

Gnashing her teeth - I believe Hilary will be, unless she turns to the Lord.

crystal spyder

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Didn’t they call Bill the Teflon president? Seems it passed to Hillary the Teflon queen……
Oh, they were that when he was the corrupt governor of Arkansas.

Nuclear reactor heavy water? Water in holding tanks used to cool the reactor cores.
No recycling method as yet.
Solution for disposal?

Collect it in special certified EPA 55 gallon drums and bury it in specially dug hole!

In rich people's neck of the woods....oh, no, scratch that.

But under Gov. $lick Willie? In Arkansas.

The one thing this "trial" did do was DISTRACT. Anymore in my mind, if the right jumps on board any "event" and yells and screams about the same event over and over, it's to distract us. Did any of us really think the Clintons or anyone associated with them would be punished? It seems the right pushes a lot of "hope-ium" in order to distract.


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It’s only a temporary reprieve. Unless she turns to Jesus this earth is the only heaven she will ever know, and at her age eternity is drawing mighty near.