High-ranking Church of England officials endorse gay marriage: 'Rank heresy'


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High-ranking Church of England officials endorse gay marriage: 'Rank heresy'
One critic warned the bishops' affirmation of gay marriage will cause a global 'rupture in the Anglican communion'
By Jon Brown | Fox News

Multiple bishops in the Church of England publicly called for the institution to begin conducting same-sex marriages last week. The Right Rev. Dr. Steven Croft, who serves as bishop of Oxford, became the first serving senior bishop in the Church of England to affirm homosexual unions last week, according to The Sunday Times.

Croft's affirmation was echoed by the Right Rev. Dr. John Inge, the bishop of Worcester, and the Right Rev. Martin Gorick, the bishop of Dudley, both of whom are also high-ranking prelates. Croft, who sits in the House of Lords, said he once held an "orthodox" Christian view regarding sex and marriage but has since "slowly but surely experienced a change of heart and mind."

The bishop maintained that it is "unjust" for the Church of England to keep refusing to marry gay couples, claiming that the historical Christian position has engendered "manifest unfairness, anger and alienation among a whole generation."

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My neighbor is an Anglican priest, and we have had some conversations. When I asked him, "Who is Jesus to you?" He answered very affirmatively, "He is my Savior." He also has a lot of respect for my husband and I, because he knows we truly follow Christ. He is old school and I know that he abhors all of this woke garbage. He must be very upset right now. Maybe he will bail from the Anglican Church and if he does, I will invite him to my church.