Hi, I'm Phil


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Phil, I see you are from Olathe, Kansas, and I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas went to Washington High School. I have some relatives that live in Olathe, Ks. Glad to see you are rooting for the K.C. Chiefs, and a week from today they will be playing in the Super Bowl. Really hope they win after 50 years.


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We have lots of interesting :thumbup :thumbup topics on here, and the fellowship :ring with our wonderful RF family is outstanding. Also, how did you learn about Rapture :rapture Forums?
I have known about them for years just from google the subject and read various articles here from time to time. I like Rapture Forum here much more that Rapture Ready. Once I started reading the RF forums here I decided to give RF here a try and join.


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I guess I didn't see this at first being near the bottom of the forums list.. I'm saved, and like everyone else here, looking for the soon return of the Lord. I've been on a couple of mud slinging Christian forums years ago and left. I am on another terrific grace alone forum. This RF seems friendly and non attacking. I think we can all learn and edify one another here. Glad to be here and read the many articles and post and get to know one another better.
Welcome! This is a very positive forum, I am sure you'll enjoy being here, and we will enjoy getting to know you! :)