Hi, I'm ItsNotAboutTheDonkey

Brother Albert R.

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I'm new here, though not new to message boards. I've been longing for a place to interact with other Christ-followers on a variety of topics.

So, why my name? I do a lot of children's messages/children's sermons at my small church. Each spring I do a story about the triumphal entry (Palm Sunday) from the perspective of the donkey. It's a boring day, it's a scary day, it's an exciting day... And the kids get to say "But, it's not about the donkey - it's about Jesus." This has become an "church meme" - when we see someone (usually our self) acting like the center of the universe, we stop, laugh and say "oops, I forgot, it's not ABOUT the donkey."

And sometimes, when we need encouragement, we pipe up "Hey, friends, can it be about the donkey for just a minute - I need to be the focus - I needs me some love."

So, there you go. Thanks for letting me join you.
Wonderful donkey analogy...why didn't I realize that when I first read it?:scratch
Welcome and God bless you for helping out in your local church,
Brother ALbert