Hi from SC


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Just wanted to say hello. I just joined yesterday. I'm in South Carolina, USA and am a Bible believing born again Christian. I'm looking foward to getting to know everyone and learn from the information on this site. God bless, Eddie


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Welcome Eddie! !glad you are here now not only do I see u at my home church you are now apart of our online church here


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Welcome, Eddie! Glad you have joined us!

In addition to seank6, we have a number of members located in South Carolina— including Robert and Meg.




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Welcome to RF, Eddie! :thumbup Its pretty cool to have another South Carolinan here!


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I was born in South Carolina in September 1992 and lived down there until I was five years old, or so, and then we moved back to Missouri. I have been down there over the years many times, many throughout the late 90s, and another time in early 2000s between like 2000 and 2003 sometime, and the next time I went down there was after my dads death in 2009.

I was born in Columbia, but we actually lived outside of it in the County of Lexington, and in the City of Lexington. So it was...Lexington Lexington..lol

I loved it down there, and went fishing often with my dad at lake Murray, Lake Multry, & Lake Marion. We also went on the Congreree river, and I once saw an Alligators eye pop out of the water briefly, and it was all red, but it was scary as we were in one of those little flat boats.

We went to Myrtle beach a lot as well. I remember it quite often. My dad was a Mechanic, and worked on cars. Wish I could go back down again, but the Lord puts us where he wants us I suppose.