Hi from Australia

Watching and Waiting

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Hello all,
I have been watching and waiting for our Blessed Hope for as long as I've been a believer, I think. :thinking:
I have been a long term reader of the forums and finally decided to join and watch along with you.
My husband and I are very interested in what's happening prophetically in the ME, and very ready to go Home now.
Thanks for having me,
Watching and Waiting :hat:


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Yes, I'll say it IS interesting!

I await the Blessed Hope and wonder why we are still here actually. There are so many foreshadowing events occurring indicating the tribulation is fast approaching; far more than I ever dreamed (or had nightmares about) we would see before we'd be long gone. So I am overly ready for the rapture, as in please get me outta here LORD!

So watching and waiting with you, and admitting that the only thing keeping me here is gravity itself at this point! :lol:



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I'm glad you're watching and waiting with us watching and waiting, watching and waiting. :hat:

Welcome to the forum from another Aussie, ex-Sydney sider, now Canberran.


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Welcome to the Forum! Thanks for joining us in waiting for the Rapture, and hoping soon!


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Welcome Watching and Waiting! It is great to have you with us! I look forward to hearing how the Lord is moving in Australia!


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Howdy mate! (My feeble attempt at crossing a little Texan hospitality with the only Australian word I remember from Crocodile Dundee. Mate probably only applies to a male Australian but I don't know the female equivalent - please forgive me in advance and enlighten me when you have a chance!). :elmogrin

Welcome to RF!!! :hat: :hyper:


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Hi Watching and Waiting! So glad you have joined us here as we all continue to watch and wait.:wave


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Hi! Glad that you have joined us. iSong took my opening line...so all I've got is, "that dingo ate my baby" :lol: I think that it's from a movie, but have no clue which one.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to reading your posts sis! :hat:


:hehheh. (It was "A Cry in the Dark" - Meryl Streep. :thumbup)