Hi everyone


Jesus is Lord!
Hi everyone!

This is Lynda, aka "Lvanett"....some of you might know me from the Rapture Ready boards. :)

I had to do a double-take when I saw this board, at first I thought, "Oh RR has a new name!" Then I realized this was a different board.

Anyway, I am a Christian, have been serving the Lord for at least 20 years now...Jesus is my Savior, King, my Everything! Without Him I am nothing. I'm a firm believer in the pre-trib altho have lost many friends due to my stance. (Ah well, it's all for righteousness' sake.) I'm involved in music ministry, I sing in churches & have been on praise & worship teams. I have 3 cats - the Lord gave them all to me, and they're very special kitties. I'm a doll collector - I collect vintage Barbie & Dawn, as well as some Bratz & My Scene. I've met many Christians who collect dolls and are cat lovers, which has been a blessing.

OK enough from me, thanx for letting me join! :)

love in Christ Jesus & prayers, Lynda