Hi everyone


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My name is Mildred. You can call me Milly in short. I'm 23 years old and born again. I have been reading rapture stories on this forum since 2018 and I have finally joined by the grace of God. Hi once again to all of you.

I'm looking forward to making new online friends here as we all wait for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to pick His bride.


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Thank you all for welcoming me. God bless you.

Hello Milly, a very warm welcome to you on the board and in the fellowship.
Hope to see you soon on the other side of the clouds!

Hope to see you soon too on the other side of the clouds.

:rockingwelcome Milly, hope you find the fellowship and sound teaching on here as beneficial as I have... And hopefully the rapture is as soon as it seems!!

I hope so too that the rapture is soon. Thanks