Hezbollah’s drone threat is now on display - analysis


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Hezbollah’s drone threat is now on display - analysis
The Lebanese terror organization is increasingly showing that it can make drones and use them to harass Israel.
Published: FEBRUARY 19, 2022

Iran’s Tasnim News has been celebrating the Hezbollah drone that entered Israeli airspace on Friday. It was actually one of many drone incidents in recent days. On Thursday the IDF downed a drone that flew into Israel from Lebanon. There was also an incident on the Gaza border. However, the Friday incident appears more serious, coming days after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said his organization was producing more UAVs. This shows a rapidly emerging threat.

According to Tasnim, Hezbollah flew a drone it called “Hassan” into Israeli airspace, saying that, “during a 40-minute intelligence operation at a depth of 70 km. in occupied Palestine, despite the efforts of the Zionist enemy to destroy it, it safely returned to Lebanon.” Iran’s media reported Israeli media reports of the drone incident as if to show off Hezbollah’s success.

According to the IDF, on Friday, “a radio-controlled aircraft crossed into Israeli territory from Lebanon and was tracked by the Israeli Air Force. A number of sirens were sounded in the area in accordance with standard protocol.

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