Hezbollah said to have built 15 new observation posts, all along border with Israel


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Hezbollah said to have built 15 new observation posts, all along border with Israel
IDF tells Israeli TV the Lebanese terror group has set up lookouts on northern frontier meters from army positions, including at spot where it staged raid that sparked 2006 war
By Emanuel Fabian

Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group has established over a dozen new observation posts all the way along Israel’s northern border in recent weeks, according to a Saturday television report. The Israeli military has long accused Hezbollah of conducting clandestine activities along the Israel-Lebanon border under the guise of an environmental group known as “Green Without Borders,” publishing details of a new site earlier this month.

Channel 12 news’s northern correspondent reported that at least 15 posts, which are manned by Hezbollah members 24 hours a day, have been built in recent weeks. They each include an observation post or tower and two or three residential and logistics buildings. Some of the posts are just meters away from the internationally recognized border between the countries — known as the Blue Line — and the Israel Defense Forces sites on the other side of the fence. One such post was recently built close to the site of a deadly Hezbollah border attack on Israeli soldiers that sparked the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

“Hezbollah is basing itself on the confrontation line. They are trying to camouflage it as activities of a ‘green’ organization, but it is clear to us who is behind these [sites] and the people who operate in the area,” Lt. Col. Avshalom Dadon, commander of the IDF’s 601st engineering battalion. told Channel 12.

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