Hezbollah backers claims US-Zionist-Geagea conspiracy in Lebanon - analysis


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Hezbollah backers claims US-Zionist-Geagea conspiracy in Lebanon - analysis
Hezbollah has now warned Christian Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea that he faces 100,000 Hezbollah fighters.
OCTOBER 19, 2021

Gunfire erupted during a massive protest in Beirut last Thursday. The shooting led to the death of six people. It took place as Hezbollah and Amal supporters tried to topple a judge investigating the deadly blast last year at Beirut Port that killed 200 people. The judge has dared to try to actually do his job, and because of that, and due to Hezbollah preferring a lawless corrupt state it can digest, the Hezbollah supporters oppose him.

It is not clear who the snipers were who targeted the protesters, but the armed protesters responded by shooting up buildings in the capital city. It may even be that trigger-happy soldiers and protesters shot at invisible, nonexistent snipers.

Nevertheless, blame has been cast on Sunni extremists and the Lebanese Forces, a Christian group. Pro-Hezbollah and pro-Iran media have alleged a conspiracy. Press TV in Iran even claims an employee of the US Embassy was one of the “snipers.”

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