Hey y'all

Hey everybody. Just wanted to start out proper and say hi. My mom told me about Rapture Ready when I was in the Air Force in the 90's. I looked at it once in awhile. Then last year I started reading the forums and thought it was about time to become a member and really start enjoying the forum and interact with like minded Christians.

I don't know how much advice I'll be able to give as I've really just started digging into scripture and learning. I saw another post about who people are looking forward to meeting in heaven and that is really the post that made decide to join.

One of the things my mom and me do is daydream about how glorious it'll be once we get there. I've been married for 15 years now to an exceptional, strong, craing wife who puts up with the goofy things I do. I owe her so much for the man she has help me become and supporting me when I was my weakest.

Ever since Oct 2018 life has been a shellacking for me. The 30,000 ft view is my community got hit by a category 5 hurricane, 2019 we were fighting with the insurance company all year trying to get our home fixed, had an amazing Christmas that year, and on Jan 6th I got the call from my brother that my dad passed way. The Lord gave me Matthew 5:4 while I was in that valley and I've held onto it since. Then COVID hit and I've lost a couple of good friends and coworkers to that. Then in July of 2020 our fur baby of 14 years Sasha ( a pomeranian) died.

Standing where I am today though and looking back I can see in the sand where there is only one set of footprints in the sand. I feel I am a stronger Christian, Husband, Father, and leader then I was almost 4 years ago. I give all my thanks to God for never giving up on me and keeping me when I needed it the most.

Sorry for being so long winded. I was going to choose the name Matthew5:4 but didn't want to take away from Matt54, so I chose ComeWhatMay as it's my favorite song on the radio right now. Anyway I'm gonna pop over to that one thread and tell who I'm excited about seeing and meeting in heaven. I look forward to talking with y'all.