Hershey warns of looming Halloween candy shortage


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Way too much candy here too. It's as bad as Christmas now. The candy has been coming out in early August in small bits at first but once the Back to School stuff is done it is out in force. They know people who buy halloween candy that early are going to simply eat it all themselves and then have to buy more. Though I don't participate in halloween at all. We black out our windows and hide in the basement. Then I buy candy on clearance and have a great treat to last until Christmas. haha I hate halloween. Little kids in costumes is supremely adorable and I like the idea of neighbors mingling together outside but there is too much other baggage that comes with it. The ghouls and goblins and death and gore and satanism and girls dressing inappropriately are way too celebrated. I like the generic fall decorations of plain pumpkins, cornucopias, turkeys, leaf wreaths and friendly scarecrows.

Momma D

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Why no shortages of liver and onions, or tofu???
With liver, it's a texture thing. I can't deal with that aspect of it. I just love the fried onions part though, and also like tofu (the firm kind.) You can marinate it and I would eat a brick of it...mmm