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I have been lurking on RF for a number of years and finally created an account this year. Since creating my account, I have posted one or two comments, but that is all. I really don't think I belong here as I am not a dispensationalist, nor do I believe in the Rapture. Theologically, I suppose you could say that I am aligned with Lutherans (Missouri Synod to be precise), but I left the Lutheran Church years ago because I could not tolerate the denominational superiority complex of the LCMS leadership. For the past ten years I have been right at home in what could be described as quasi-emergent non-denominational churches. (I am fully aware that the word "emergent" is a huge red flag around here, and for good reason. I fully agree that many within the emergent church movement follow doctrines that resemble new-age mysticism more than orthodox Christianity. MANY...but not all. And don't worry...I have no interest in advancing any points of doctrine that you would find objectionable.)

I suppose the above parenthetical statement begs the question: "Why am I here on RF?". It isn't because I am interested in learning more about dispensationalism or associated doctrines. Honestly, I have had my fill of it. I am here because in spite of my disagreement with you all on some secondary points of doctrine, I am convinced that we are in an age when unity among Christians is vitally important. (When has it ever been less than vitally important?) I guess you could call my sojourn here an exercise in that unity.

Anyway, peace be with you all. You may hear from me once in a while, and I pray the interaction is beneficial for us and will bring glory to God.

seated with Christ

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Because of Christ’s love in us you belong here!

I appreciate what you wrote about having no interest in pushing doctrine that doesn’t align with our board rules and outside of sound biblical doctrine.

Welcome aboard!, brother Telos!