Hello, My New Friends!


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Hello Everyone!

I have been reading these forums for several months, and decided today was going to be the day that I created my account. I wanted to meet and start talking to people who, by the grace of God, I will be talking to, and worshipping / fellowshipping with for all eternity. I don't want to be one of those people who have to explain in Heaven why I never introduced myself to any of you during our human life, or why I was not there when we all need each other the most in these increasingly troubling and worsening times. God called me back to him after 33 years, and I am so thankful and blessed that he still remembered me even after I tried to forget him for all those years.



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Hey! Welcome!!! You are so right ............. it is important for us to rally together as brothers and sisters during these very
trying times! The prayers and encouragement we share with each other is so precious and necessary. And, yes....... we
will know and be in tune with each other, so we can expand on our relationships with each other in heaven. How wonderful
it will be when we recognize each other in glory!!! So glad you are here with us.